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Getting Your Model Ready to Print with Simplify 3D

Once you have a 3D model ready to print, you need software to prepare your model for printing. There are free options out there which work pretty well. However, Simplify3D is relatively inexpensive software that gives you a lot more control, and I’ve really liked it. (No, they’re not paying me to say this.) Some features include:

  • Better support structures. They break right off your model – with free software, the support is tougher and harder to break off. Simplify 3D also gives you more control over your support thickness and location. The support features alone make it worth it for me.
  • Fine-tuning of print speeds
  • Ability to preview your print layer-by-layer (this really helps with troubleshooting)

This is a short video explaining how I use Simplify 3D: