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Stroke & Vascular

Vascular Territories Module – Scrollable annotated brain MRI demonstrating each arterial territory.

Stroke Lecture – Territories and Timing – Didactic and case-based lecture covering topics of vascular territories and different ways to determine the age of ischemic infarcts.


Sella and Parasella

Sella and Parasella Lecture – Didactic lecture covering anatomy, physiology, and pathology of the sella and parasella.


Head and Neck

Temporal Bone Anatomy

Temporal Bone Lecture – Didactic lecture covering anatomy of the temporal bone.

Matching Quiz – Test your knowledge of temporal bone structures

Video walkthrough – Summary of major structures to evaluate on a temporal bone CT

3DModel of the middle and inner ear structures – As segmented from a temporal bone CT

Skull Base Anatomy

Cranial Nerve Matching Quiz – Identify the cranial nerves on a thin section T2 MRI sequence

Skull Base Foramina Matching Quiz – Identify the skull base foramina on an axial and coronal CT of the skull base


Lumbar Puncture Module

Read through this module prior to doing lumbar punctures. Updated and adapted from the iBook “Lumbar Punctures in 3D” 


Aneurysms and Cutoffs

Vascular Imaging Quiz – Scroll through 19 CTA and MRA cases to identify aneurysms and vascular cutoffs


Medical Students

Introduction to Neuroradiology

4th Year Medical Students – Given monthly. Overview of CT and MRI, MRI safety, and numerous clinical scenarios.

2nd Year Medical Students – Shorter version of above lecture, still covering CT and MRI basics and multiple clinical scenarios.

High School – Overview of radiology and neuroradiology for high school students visiting UNMC. Several interesting cases included.